Brilliant and Simple Space Saving Home Design Tips

Most of the people have beautiful, spacious and Stylish homes but you will always get complaints that they do not have adequate space as they wish. One of the reasons is the lack ideas on how to organize their belongings while leaving most of the stuff cluttered around the house. On the other hand, there are those individuals who have smaller homes and try hard to organize their stuff to add some space that would provide the comfort they require. All these issues can be solved by maintaining a high level of discipline and commitment and here are some useful space-saving home design tips for bto that can help you a lot if you adhere strictly.

Use of multi-purpose furniture

Furniture making industry has considered scaling of space and is now making furniture that can serve more than a single purpose. You will find an excellent coffee table that can be easily converted to a to storage by having underneath lockers and cabins that you can use to store various item. The market is wide where you will also come across sofas which you can turn into beds, and many other types of furniture also made for multipurpose duties.

Underneath bed storage

You can have these customized made with an underneath storage. The storage features a large space which can be divided into several sections for clothes, shoes, beddings and other accessories. This type of storage offers many advantages one of them being able to prevent dust from getting your clothes. You will only need to flip the bed to access the underneath storage, and this helps you increase space that you would have otherwise used to keep the clothes.

Walk-in closets and Loft beds

This is another brilliant idea for space saving. Your kids will love the idea of loft beds knowing that they sleep somewhere up. Then you can take up the advantage and install the plenty of walk-in closets under each bed which can accommodate all their belongings.

Installation of sliding doors

This is another brilliant idea. You can replace swing-in or swing-out doors for the inside rooms including the kitchen bathroom and bedrooms. This way, you will be able to save a lot of space and have a good view just by the look that you have a lot of open space which is one of the current trends that are being adopted by many homeowners.

Modify additional storage areas

This idea turns out perfect when you consider turning out some of the empty spaces you have created into storage whereby you can keep any underlying item that does not necessarily need to be in the open. Things like towels can be hung above the bathroom walls and have small cabinets whereby you can store any bathroom item. Small cabinets in every room will be used to keep an item supposed to be in that room, and this is also beneficial as you will have an easy time while finding anything that you need and not forgetting the idea of enlarging the space around.

Casters for Island Kitchen

You can implement the idea of creating a smaller kitchen with no built-in island. This model offers you large space for you to walk around and find everything you need with ease. Larger space offers you comfort when preparing your meals and also when cleaning a smaller kitchen without much bulk of construction. You can even use the kitchen cart to keep frequently used items so that it enhances your performance.

Wall mounted tables

People tend to like the idea of large dining tables used in their friends without necessarily asking themselves if the need such tables but come to find it boring later on when they have already incurred the cost. Instead of using such large tables, you can replace them by installing wall mounted tables. These help you maximize dining room space and also promoting beauty as the place appears neater and well organized when the wall mounted tables are flipped.

Implement small alcoves and hidey holes

This is a great ideal for much smaller bedrooms where you have no wardrobes. The design idea is achieved by tucking a small alcove to conceal the wardrobes and not at the center as it can compromise the space you are trying to achieve. This makes a constrained room appear large and also improve the aesthetics of your entire room.

Choice of color and camouflage

This design idea is perfect for those who want to make use of the periphery walls. You can have design cabinets and cupboards painted in cool colors and installed against the walls to hold all the belongings in the room that may be cluttered around the room. This will greatly reduce the compromise on visual capacity while at the same time offering the space that you want to have in the entire room.

Transparency and lighting

You can use transparency barriers between the rooms that do not need much privacy. This will promote openness and space expansion as the glass is thinner than usual bricks used for partitioning the rooms. Lighting is another aspect that plays a huge role in the expansion of space. Perfect lighting can transform constrained space to appear unique through the installation of lighting solutions that illuminates the entire room equally. This improves the visual impact thus making the room appear spacious enough to provide ample living comfort.

Minimal lifestyle

This is another game changer idea when it comes to the creation of space or enlarging the small one that you have. You can dispose off any items and belongings that you don’t use. It might not be easy to get rid of your expensive items but it’s worth the decency of your home. You can achieve this by purchasing few antiques which you can place on specific points and also avoid impulse buying. This will ensure you only keep valuable and precious items only which can help you a lot in creating a spacious environment.


Now that you have these useful space-saving home design tips for bto, why strain yourself? You can implement the above design tips easily. It should not cost you a lot but the small budget that you have for your space expansion project can take you far ahead till reaching your goals, and you can also achieve by making small changes slowly depending on what you earn.