Are Motorised Roller Blinds A Good Option For Home?

Motorised roller blinds are attractive and effective, mounted on durable and powerful operating systems, offering hundreds of fabric choices. They are a reliable and versatile choice to control glare and manage light for a wide variety of manual and motorized applications. Motorized blinds offer convenient and practical solutions to everyday household challenges. They provide glare reduction, privacy and eliminate the need to manually adjust hard-to-reach or heavy window coverings. Motorised roller blinds also create a comfortable and safe environment for your kids and pets and eliminate dangerous cords.

Today, a wide range of options are available to maximize the performance of motorised blinds, such as sensors, timers and even solar charged options. In addition, controls are available in colors and styles that are suitable for any décor type and every preference.

What Are Motorised Roller Blinds & Why Install Them?

Motorized roller blinds are roller window blinds that are attached to a power motor. This way, a computerized timer can be used to lower or raise the level of the blinds or a remote control can be used to adjust the blinds. There are four advantages that make motorised roller a good option for home, which are convenience, design options, locations, and sizes.

The convenience factor is the most apparent benefit of motorized blinds. The need to control the level of light in a room by physically adjusting the level of the blinds is removed when using this type of a motorized system. With these types of blinds, it is standard to have a remote control device. It is also possible to install a computerized system to adjust the blinds based on the amount of sunlight exposure the window gets or the arrival times of the sun. Light levels can be controlled quite excellently with this method.

Design Options

Custom blinds are an excellent way of using motorised control, since more flexibility is provided by them in order to manage the design and height of the blind. A consistent degree of pressure is provided by a motor, as a result of which a more delicate blind design and fabric to be used is allowed. There are various types of fabric to choose from, making it easier to choose one that suits one’s needs.

Popular motorised roller blind design options include:

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Blinds
Motorized Roman Blinds & Woven Woods
Motorized Roller/Solar Blinds
Motorized Cellular/Pleated Blinds


Using motorised blinds, the proximity of the blinds to the ground no longer restrict the location of the shades. It is possible to fit very high windows with motorised blinds since it possible to adjust them as required. In large homes and public buildings, this advantage is particularly important. It is even possible to install a motorised roller blind in the window itself. Since these blinds have motorised control, it is no longer a practical necessity to make them accessible. Due to this design option, dust is reduced, shade cleaning is eliminated, and a very near appearance is given to the window design.


Some motorised roller blinds are available in standard sizes. The roll that they possess is thicker and they are not subject to the same limitations of length and width. Boardroom and office tower locations are popular locations where these blinds can be used because of their flexibility. In situations such as these, often standard blinds are not suitable because of the custom sizes of the windows.

Other Reasons Motorised Blinds Are A Great Option

Enjoy life more and save more time as motorised roller blinds do all the work. Depending on one’s preference, it is quite convenient to find the blinds with the right control and motor to suit one’s requirements.

Quiet Operation: 
Motorized roller blind solutions include a premium offering of super-quiet operation, making them perfect for interior settings.

Individual & Group Control: 
Flexibility is offered is offered by these blinds so they can be operated according to one’s needs. It is possible to operate them individual, as a group, or a combination of these two options, instantly.

Wireless Option:
 Completely wireless options are also available that are battery-powered so the need for any wiring is eliminated. The wireless ranges are also available with solar powered batteries, as a result of which an energy efficient and maintenance-free solution is offered.

Smart homes are quickly becoming a reality, and the installation of innovative motorised roller blinds to control natural light is just one step closer to that concept.