8 Biggest Lies On Interior Design

Some people enjoy decorating others peoples’ homes since they may be great in choosing the perfect items to tie into a specific theme. From choosing the right colors for a child’s bedroom to selecting a specific kind of carpeting, they like to create and bring the visions that they have in their head to reality. Therefore, they may decide to pursue a career in interior design to take their passion to a brand new level. While this may be the ideal career for them, they will soon discover that there is a big distinction in the terms, interior designer and interior decorator. So, for those who may be confused about interior design and what it is not, here are 8 of the biggest lies that people may hear about this industry.

#1 – Interior Design is Only About the Way things Look

Interior designers are concerned about the way things look. However, there is a lot more that goes into the jobs that they perform. These are the professionals that have the expertise to change an individual’s or a groups mood based on the information that they have acquired through formal studies. The role that they plan in this industry is to ensure the projects that they take meet specific standards. For instance, if the interior designer is assigned to work on a project within a school classroom, the interior design decisions that they make must include designing an environment that makes it easy for children to learn. From the color paint that they choose for the classroom walls to the type of furniture used in the room, everything that they do must adhere to certain specifications.

#2 – Skills Acquired are based on Personal Taste

Interior decorators are normally chosen based on their personal taste. Specifically, because they seem to have an inherent talent for choosing the ideal pieces of furniture and pictures that are to be placed in a room. Even though this kind of talent is coveted in the interior decorator world, it is only part of the formula when dealing with interior design projects. Interior design projects may involve renovations in a home, business, school, government facility and the like. Therefore, the clients that an individual or group is assigned to will often require much more than personal taste. Instead, most owners will be looking for those that have the expertise to design areas in their facilities that will follow various kinds of essential guidelines and procedures.

For instance, when an interior designer is assigned to a project, one of their first responsibilities is to ensure the facility that they are designing is safe. It is also important to note that the knowledge acquired for this job comes from a formal educational background. Which means, before an interior design company in Singapore hires an individual to perform this job, they must meet certain requirements. For instance, if the person is required to work in the position of a Senior Interior Designer, they may be assigned to work on a building that requires knowledge of conceptual design, design development, and construction documents. All of which can only be required years of previous experience and/or an formal education background in interior design.

# 3 – Interior Design Projects do not take a lot of time

As stated previously, interior design projects are different from interior decorator jobs. This is why the statement that these jobs are not very lengthy is not necessarily true. Specifically, because there are different types of projects that an interior designer can work on. From taking the lead on designing a new home for a small family to supporting a project leader on large building in Singapore, the amount of time that it takes to complete a interior design projects can vary substantially from one to another. For instance, in some cases, the individual may be assigned to a project that may take as much as 6 months to 5 years or more.

#4 – The Work is Not Difficult Anyone Who has a Real Interest can do it.

Some people believe that interior design work is really all about creativity. While this may be true for an interior decorator project, this is not the case in an interior design role. With an interior designer, the person must be able to work long hours, provide a level of expertise that others are required to work by, document the information for the client that they are working for, manage budgets appropriately, provide technical services and a wide host of other responsibilities that encompass getting the job done by a specific date and with the highest quality.

#5 – Interior Designer Prices are Too Expensive

Most people may shy away from hiring an interior designer in their homes or offices because they may fear that their prices are too expensive for the amount that they can afford to pay. Even though the work that they do may come with quite a bit of hefty price tag, there expertise in the long run is normally well worth it. In comparison, with the expertise of an interior designer, the owner of the home can avoid costly mistakes. For instance, if the interior designer is involved in some projects, they can provide the owner with an option that will fit their budget, while also allowing them to complete certain renovations on time and with the highest quality available in their industry.

#6 – Creativity is a Requirement Not a Luxury for this Career Choice
Some people may not consider the interior design job as an option for a career because they may not feel as if they have a creative bone in their body. Although for some, this may really be true, creativity can help but this area of design is geared more toward a discipline. Thereby, allowing a lot of room for people who want to use the skills that they learn to build buildings, design safety work environments and design the aesthetics that encourage people to work more effectively and efficiently.

#7 – Only Homeowners Who Like things Pretty Hire them

Interior designers can be hired for many purposes and by individuals or large corporations. So, making things look pretty is only one reason that they are sought out. Some of the more important is ensuring the home or business office has the proper facilities for the people that they house. For instance, if a homeowner has a need to make renovations due to a new or existing handicap, they may contact a interior designer to make the necessary modifications.

#8 – Jobs are boring

Some people tend to think that the interior designers job has to be boring, especially since they make think that their primary duties is limited to making a room look pleasing to eye. Unfortunately, in these cases, they do not know all of the responsibilities assigned with the projects that they perform. For instance, an interior design is responsible for meeting with all kinds of different clients, and in many different settings. Which means, they may have an opportunity to travel extensively within Singapore and abroad.