7 Tips On Interior Design For Restaurants

Singapore is a lovely country full of interesting places and people. Restaurants here are great, but their atmosphere can be improved with the use of the right interior design tips. We are going to give you 7 tips for you to create an awesome interior for your restaurant. You must also understand that you are the best judge of the interior of your restaurant, which must fit the taste, financial condition and character of your clients. There is no need for you to shell out lots of dough to get the advice of a professional interior designer anyway.

Hanging Objects on a Wall

By hanging objects on a wall, you will be able to add a touch of your own personality to the restaurant. The positive aspect of the spot will be easily exposed that way. If you feel the building is rather narrow for your client’s taste, group some objects on a wall on a vertical fashion and you will fix this issue – it will also accentuate the height of the building. You can even create a kind of synthesis with the furniture by aligning some items over it symmetrically.

Geometrical Patterns

If your see that your restaurant has a shape that seems to be old or awkward, add some geometrical patterns. These should be precise designs in order to make things work here. Tiling and rugs will do the right job here. A paint job or some symmetrical patterns on any wallpaper will help you fight the odd shape of the place. To make people forget about the awkward shape of a place, use geometry that points to a focal point or to an exit.


Install an screen when you see a room without any sort of natural division or a place so open that is hard for anyone to manage it. There are lots of screen types on the market for you to choose from, and the selection of colors is huge too. A screen can solve your problem of privacy and room division right away. There is no need for you to install neither sliding panels nor building any sort of half wall.


Both wainscoting and wall molding can add lots of life to any corner of your restaurant. These things will give your restaurant the touch of class you have always dreamed of, which was the case for many houses built just a century ago. Add some stencil effects and paint the panels the same colors as your walls and the touch of elegance will become something whimsical, nautical or simply creative in Singapore or any other part of the world.

Paint and Furniture

To create both the mood and the atmosphere your customers love, paint the walls according to their lifestyles and characters. Are they full of energy and vitality? Use yellow to paint the walls of the restaurant and they will love the place. Do they look as if they were calmed all the time? Use green and blue to paint the walls. Paint just a small area of the wall in case you are not sure which color to use. To make your furniture stand out, paint the ceilings the same color as the walls – and high ceilings will look as if they were lower too. By mixing new furniture with old ones, you will create an awesome designer look.


Create a high-end look by balancing color and furniture. For instance, furniture with lighter colors will be fine for dark flooring and dark rooms. If you see there is a balance in the flooring and walls, use furniture that be a mix dark and light.

Color Pops

By adding pops of color, you will add interest to the overall appearance of the place. Use a bold color in other two rooms of the restaurant, and it should be clear that the choice was deliberate. For instance, use a red chair with red pillows in front of a red wall.


If you follow the foregoing tips, there is no need for you to hire an expensive interior designer. You just have to make sure the interior of your restaurant fits both the characters and lifestyles of your customers. Remember that balance is a matter of course of each elegant restaurant out there, and yours should be one of them too. The right use of screens and paneling will help you a lot too.