7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Interior Design

Feng Shui is the ancient Oriental art of arranging one’s surroundings in order to harmonize energies related to health, luck, love and prosperity. It basically teaches us to balance to create a positive aura that makes our lives better.
Our home is the reflection of our inner state of being. Feng Shui visualizes the entire home as one unit, where all the rooms are inter-connected and interdependent on each other.
Here are some simple Feng Shui tips that can help you live a better life inside and out.
7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Interior Design –

Get rid of clutter-
The most important Feng Shui tip of all: Clear the clutter. The basic principle of Feng Shui is to keep your house neat and clean. Clutter creates a sense of negativity in the environment and prevents prosperity flowing in and around your house. Feng Shui considers clean house to be a lucky house’. Your house should be surrounded by things that you love. Unwanted things in the house like unpleasant pictures, dead flowers and plants take away the positive chi (energy) that might otherwise surround you.
Remove anything that is broken or that cannot be fixed.

Make your entrance or entryway inviting-
The entrance of your home creates the first impression of your taste and personality. The front entrance of our home should be properly maintained, painted and free of clutter. Include uplifting greeters, like a beautiful piece of artwork or a flowing waterfall. Plants and flowers in the pathway also add a touch of prosperity.
A grand entry door to your home welcomes prosperity and encourages positive energy to enter your house. Remember, a clean path will attract free and joyous energy into our home. Also ensure that the sound of your doorbell is pleasing. Irritating sound gives the impression of short tempered people living in the house; whereas doorbell with dull sound gives the impression of less energetic family members.

Know the importance of kitchen-
In Feng Shui, kitchen plays an important role. It symbolizes nourishment and vitality. The nourishment component is very important, therefore, we must ensure that the kitchen is clean and tidy.
It is the focal point of your home, where everybody gathers for cooking, eating and socializing. The atmosphere in this area should be inviting and earthy. Make sure your kitchen gets abundant natural light. Keep your stove clean and be sure to use all burners.

Arrange furniture to enhance positivity-
Place the furniture in your rooms in a way that encourages easy communication. The sofa should ideally be placed against a solid wall- ideally the wall farthest from the entry. The sofas and chairs should be positioned in such a way that the occupant can see the door in to the room. An awkward seating plan that is not conducive for conversation actually hampers positive energy in the room. Furniture should be close but not too suffocating close. Make sure you use round or oval tables and avoid sharp, pointed edges on tables and chairs.
Change your furniture arrangement regularly to keep energy from stagnating.

Plants can become Feng Shui solutions-
Plants represent nature, and surrounding yourself with natural, fresh plants evokes the healing vibrations in the space. Plants can be used to enhance positive energy flow. They can be placed at the corners and smaller areas with less traffic. You can use pot plants in the east or south east side of the house.
However, remove the plants or flowers that are dead or rotten.

Rejuvenate your bedroom space-
The bedroom is the part of your home where your body as well as mind rejuvenates itself. It is a place where we connect with our subconscious mind. The décor should be calm, relaxing and warm.

Add romantic photos or objects grouped in set of two. Mirrors amplify the energy flow and your bedroom should have slow, relaxed form of energy flow. Therefore, avoid too many mirror placements in your bedroom.

Bring in the water element-
Last but not the least; incorporate water features in your home. Water symbolizes wealth and abundance. Flowing water is best as it presents a stream of opportunities. Install a water fountain in your entrance area. Fresh flowers in a water pot also energize the living space.