6 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Layout Ideas

The traditional work triangle separating the sink, refrigerator and the range have developed into a more hard headed concept. Unlike the traditional kitchens that only allowed one person to prepare meals, today’s kitchens are multi-purpose. Here are six useful kitchen cabinet layout ideas that are applicable to today’s lifestyles:

One-wall kitchen layout

· This kitchen layout is mostly found in loft spaces or studios because it economizes on space. All the appliances and cabinets are fixed on a single wall such that they are within easy reach. Better yet, they can still be hidden behind pocket or sliding doors to reduce visual gutter especially in small spaces such as studios. This layout is designed in such a manner that the sink is between the refrigerator and the range, providing a convenient location for cleanup. Not to forget, this design also provides a space on both sides of the range that is crucial for safety purposes.

· Regrettably, the refrigerator, range and the sink still take up a large space, leaving barely enough room for food preparation. It is also a challenge to have two cooks cook at the same time. In an obvious tiny one-kitchen wall, there is no doubt that having appliances such as 24-inch refrigerator and a 24-inch range adds some counter space and provides more space for cabinet storage. Another common solution is using a movable island or a dining table for additional work space.

· As a matter of fact, a one-wall kitchen has become a common layout not only in small homes, but also large homes that have open floor plans. Think of loft-style condos. Adding islands bring out the efficiency of a galley layout without blocking access to the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Layout

· This layout is ideal for one-cook kitchens and smaller spaces. It is also called a walk-through kitchen and is characterized by two opposite walls with a walk-away in between. These kitchen layouts utilize every space no matter how small it is, and does not require configuration of cabinets, which can make cabinetry budget high.

· The biggest style mark of this kitchen design lies in its layout: counters, appliances and cabinet units are connected together in straight lines and normally face each other. Often, it incorporates dish rack and hanging pots, ceiling hung cabinets, making good use of vertical space with great efficiency. All this requires little energy to accomplish, and the best part? They maximize storage.

· Galley kitchens are most common in small homes and apartments, where there is a small space. However, this should not be taken to mean that they are not ideal in larger spaces. Far from it! They can also be used in larger spaces, where the design creates a streamlined look.

· Therefore, it is important that before you ditch your galley kitchen or remodel it, consider a makeover. Sure enough, there is a lot to love about this gorgeous kitchen design. This kitchen design can be as long as you wish. All you need to do is to divide it appropriately.

L-shaped kitchen layout

· This is the perfect design for small to medium sized kitchens. It completely addresses the problem of maximizing the corner space. This kitchen is made up of countertops on two perpendicular walls thus forming an L-shape. Although it is recommended to keep the legs of the L-shape between 12 to 15 feet, you can make it as long as you want. However, if you keep it long, you may not make optimal use of the space.

· With this layout, traffic will be a thing of the past. However, it is not logistically possible for the kitchen to become a road or a route. Nonetheless, you can easily add a dining space and many work zones to the layout. If your kitchen it relatively large and can support other layouts, then avoid this layout as much as you can.

· The main benefit associated with this kitchen design is that it easily retains the work triangle coveted by the homeowners. Work triangle is the kitchen spacing that ensures that key elements (the sink, stove and the refrigerator) in every kitchen relate well. In case you need a more unique layout of your L-shaped kitchen, make an effort to maintain the work triangle.

· The external wall of an L-shaped kitchen features cooking and cleaning features, especially the sink. This makes plumbing more accessible and thus creates an efficient design. In some kitchens, however, plumbing may be reconfigured in such a manner that the sink becomes part of the kitchen in an L-shape design.

Horseshoe kitchen design

· The horseshoe, also called a U-shaped, has three walls of appliances or cabinets. However, this design has undergone many transformations, and today it is an L-shape with an island making the third wall. It allows for smooth traffic flow and workflow and this makes it the perfect design for you.

Kitchen island design

· Kitchen islands are fabulously functional, but people mistake that it is a must that they have it. The truth is; most kitchens cannot accommodate this feature. These kitchens are multi-takers and thus are capable of storing all the appliances. It is most ideal in kitchens with open floor plans as they can open up dialogue between the cook and guests, the living room and the kitchen.

· It is natural to want a large counter and storage space, but an oversized island interferes with cabinet doors and does not offer enough room for cooks to walk through. Therefore, stick to the industry recommended of at least three feet between a wall and the island.

Peninsula Kitchen design

· This design is basically a connected island, which turns a horse shoe kitchen into a G-shaped design. They function just like the islands but offer more clearance especially in kitchens that do not allow square footage.

If you are in Singapore, then you can take advantage and employ the above kitchen designs. You will get all the help that you will need; be it advice, demonstration or getting the best kitchen designers. It is time for you to come up with a perfect kitchen design that allows the highest mobility of the cooks and proper interactions between them and the guest. Choose the design that best suits your needs.