6 Tips On Children’s Bedroom Interior Design

Designing a child’s bedroom can prove to be a challenging task considering the pace at which children grow up these days. However, when it comes to decorating a child’s room, the possibilities are endless. There are seven major areas to interior decorate any room and the kid’s room is not an exception. These areas are lighting, accessories, floors, walls, fabrics or textiles, furniture and plants. When you work on these areas, you are bound to be successful. Some ideas include the use of prints, themes and colours.

 Here are 6 tips on kid’s bedroom interior design;

 Involve the Children

 This is one of the most important points. It is good to have the children involved because the room is theirs at the end of the day. Let them pick what colours and themes they would want to have. You can give them ideas by going through photos and then come up with a decorating plan together.

 Use Innovative Storage Facilities

 Storage areas are crucial for the bedroom to store your child’s things. You can allocate different areas for all their toys, clothes and books. Bunk beds with storage places underneath are a great way to save on space. Have fitted shelves and cabinets and make use of the corners by placing corner shelves too. Vertical wardrobes save on space better than horizontal ones.Train them to be organized by returning everything back where they got them from.


 Since the kids always crawl on the floor, you can place rugs on the floor to protect their knees, feet, hands and other body parts. The rugs can be carpets, broadlooms, or good rugs with game boards These protect the children’s feet, hands, knees and elbows as they play or crawl. Whatever you decide to use should suit the design and match the colour of the room.


 The theme chosen should not only coincide with the child’s taste but to their gender as well. A boy’s bedroom interior design tends to be different from a girl’s. You can use different shades of the same colour to create the perfect atmosphere suitable for the child’s gender. Complimentary also colours work together to give a contrast. These contrasts draw the eye to the focal point. For example reds and greens work together and so do oranges and blues.

 Sleeping furniture

 If the bedroom is to be used by more than one child, a bunk bed is the most appropriate bed to use because it saves on space. A quality bunk bed should provide comfort and enjoyment for many years to come. The colour of the bed needs to match with the theme chosen for the kids interior design.


 Do not stick to the design chosen. Place a few thing that could aid in your child’s learning in the room. These include charts, educational toys and books. Remember to decorate the ceiling; you can do this by placing nice lampshades or glow in the dark items like stars and the moon. You can also use photos of your child’s memorable moments to decorate their room. Plants can be used in the bedroom too.

 Some designs are sophisticated and elegant while others are just simple. But whichever kids interior design you settle on, the most important thing is the care and love mirrored on the time and work spent working on their bedroom interior design.