6 Myths On Condo Interior Design in Singapore

Condo interior Design Tips – Singapore Interior Design Trends

It looks like condos have begun to pop up again all over Singapore. Well, it does not just look that way: that is what is actually happening in this great Country. Last year alone, 15,000 new condo units were development and sold in market. This was the highest number of condos that Singapore has ever sold when compared to other countries in the world.
Condo interior design provides a distinctive challenge for an interior designer. How do you design the interior of a remarkable Condo? The following are some of the tips on how to design the interior of condo;

1. Start with the condo walls

Make sure you pick light colors which enable light to spread around the room. Dark colors can sometime make them look small due to insufficient light. For those with square footage in the room, you can try the wide horizontal stripes. If in any case ceiling height has a problem, use vertical stripes to make them look taller. These strips are cheaply available in Singapore.

2. Choose furniture wisely

Ensure you plan the layout prudently. You can take measurements before drawing out the floor plan on paper. This will make you have the correct measurements especially at the time of buying the construction materials. Bed bases using sliding drawers, desks having stacked shelves, and coffee tables.

3. Use long and vertical accessories, which visually stretch the room.
Use artwork in tall and a large mirror frames to heighten up as well as down lines in your room. Ensure you the hang ceiling to the floor drapery around the windows to enhancing the appearance of using large windows. Make sure that the drapery does not drag on floor leading it to buckle or bunch up.

4. Don’t overload appliances and accessories.

Keep wall accessories grouped together and localized – not every single inch of wall should to be covered. Grouping all wall accessories to one common point will give accent without any appearance of the cluttered walls. Similarly, the appliances should be kept in hidden points and therefore creating space that will make your kitchen look generally larger.

5. Buy fewer and high-quality items/appliances instead of many lower-quality things.
This aid keep the condo space organized at the same time allowing you to focus on other areas such as accessories and coordinated furniture. Using accessories and high quality furniture evidences the general good-looking appearance of the room

6. Experiment the design layout by using the new furniture you have.

You can use small bookshelves or couches as temporary room dividers, for instance, between a dining room and living room. Ensure you maintain sight lines and use mirrors to create additional sight lines if they don’t naturally exist.

7. Keep interior space uncluttered and neat.

All right, this is more of lifestyle than interior design, but neatness increases the look of your design and therefore it is important you keep the interior of a condo as clean as possible.
I believe the above Condo interior design tips will help you start that process of making these amazing housing units that are now making people crazy in Singapore.