6 Interior Design Myths In Singapore

The 5 Common Mistakes You Mostly Do in Planning Interior Design Project

Want to find about more on the interior design myths in Singapore? Dealing with your interior design can be tricky. This job can be very easy, but it can be very complicated and difficult as well, especially if you don’t know what to do. But when you understand the basic principle of decorating your house, you should be able to do the task easily without jeopardizing the look of your personal living space.

In interior design field, there are also some myths that most designers know and understand. Sure, these myths can also be your guidance in helping you manage the overall look of your house because when you know the truth, you can really achieve the best from it. If you understand the 5 most common myths in design interior field in Singaporean houses, you can avoid making mistakes that can make your house look dull and boring.

The first myth includes the fact that you should include the latest fashion and trends when making your design planning. This isn’t true at all. Who says that you should always incorporate the newest trend to make your house beautiful and comfortable? What’s important is that you include your personal style into the planning because your house should represent your style.

When you include different kinds of styles – unless yourself – your house will look empty, cold, and even worse, fake. Take time to consider which elements you want to include. Start small – from one room. When one room finishes, you can start with the next room, until the overall rooms within your house complete. Keep in mind that each room should come with different style, depending on the purposes, but make sure that your personal style will be exuded from the décor.

The second myth about the interior design is that all the furnishings should match with the wall or pint colors. Although it is okay to match up, you don’t’ necessarily have to match up the overall things – having a green paint and you should choose all green furniture. That will be dull. It is okay to mix and match. Consider different colors or the same hue to make things interesting. For example, when you have green paint, you can choose a tosca table or an emerald curtain.

The third myth is that you can finish the planning as you go. If you want the result to be worthy and exclusive, it is better to really have a solid and completed planning, so you won’t have to delay the project during the middle of the work. Doing the plan as you go may turn out not to well for you.

The fourth myth in interior design aspect is that you can finish the whole project at once. Unless you are doing a huge or massive project, this is impossible. If you want to have good result, you need to do everything in slow, step by step manner. Doing everything at once is definitely impossible.

The fifth myth in interior design is that you should include as many items, accessories, or furnishings as possible to make the whole project good. Sometimes, simplicity is better and classier. Including too much can be degrading and can make your house look cheap and cheesy, instead.

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