6 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Carpet For Schools

Installation of a good quality carpet in any school can enhance the comfort for kids in a great manner. But many time people make a lot of mistakes while installing carpet for schools and as a result of these mistakes they do not get the desired outcome from it. In case you do not know about these mistakes that you might do while installing carpet in school, then I am sharing these mistakes with you below and then you can avoid these mistakes.

Choosing a non professional company:
 Choosing a non professional company for installation of carpet is one of the biggest mistakes that you or anyone can do in this installation work. A professional carpet installation company will have all the required skills and knowledge for proper carpet installation. Also a professional company will help you choose the best type of carpet for school so it do not get dirty and it create no other health hazards also for students. So, if you don’t want to be a victim of this mistake, then make sure you choose an experienced and professional company for this installation work.

Not taking a detailed quote: 
In a school you might need to cover a lot of small areas or corners that do not look important to other people. Due to that situation your carpet installation company can also miss those places and it can give quotation to you without covering all the spaces. So, it is a good idea that when you take the quotation from any carpet installation company, then you take a detailed quotation for same from them. Also, in this quotation do talk about the carpet area as well so you can get the right quotation for this work.

Choosing light colours: 
Choosing light coloured carpet for any school is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. In a school a light coloured carpet will get dirty very quickly and you will need to hire a cleaning service again and again for that. That means it will be a loss of money for you and if you will not hire a cleaning service, then dirty carpet will damage the reputation of your school. Therefore, it is essential that you choose one of those colours that do not look dirty easily.

Not considering the layout:
 Installing carpet in a school without considering the layout is another big mistake. When you do not consider the layout of your school before installing the carpet, then you might miss some important but less visible areas and that will not look good after completion of the work. Also, if you will try to add carpet in those areas, after the installation work is complete then you might need to pay more money for this and you might not get good quality also in the finished work.

Not cleaning the space before installation:
 In a school you can find so many things that can make the place dirty and installing carpet on such dirty places can one of the biggest mistakes. This is a simple rule that when you do install carpet on any surface, then you should clean it properly before completing the installation. Same rule is applicable for school building also, but in a school you need to do the cleaning at a deeper level so you can get much better result with your installation work.

Non allergic material:
 Not choosing right kind of material can be one of the biggest mistakes while installing carpet in a school. You need to understand that kids may have different kind of allergies with fabric or dust and if you will not keep these things in your mind, then that be one of the biggest mistakes for you. Therefore, it is very much essential that you pay minute attention on the fabric or type of your carpet so you do not worry about the complications of allergies. Also, if a carpet attracts a lot of dust in it and release the dust when you beat it, then that will be not a good option for school because in a school kids can beat the carpet with their legs and they can face some serious problems due to that dust.