5 Tips On HDB Flat Interior Design in Singapore

You can rent or sublet HDB Flats Singapore whether you are a permanent resident or a non-citizen employed to work there. Naturally, you will want you’re flat to express your inner self, show beauty and elegance as well as offer comfort for your lifestyle. With a HDB flat, you and your neighbours have to share the same floor plan and mingle, meaning you will not have exclusive rights to design the place.

For a chance to have a personalized and exciting space of your own in such a setting, here are 5 tips for HDB interior design that you can use:


Small space usually means you maximize on fittings as it will be hard to buy all the furniture and items you want. Adding multi-purpose shelves, cabinets and drawers and then fitting then under the bed, in corners, on walls is creative, stylish and economical on space. Avoid too much unnecessary fittings also to escape the feel of clutter. Add mirrors and hangings to create the feel of extra space and purchase equipment that have other functionality other than the intended; for instance a table with an inbuilt bookshelf.


The darker the color, the more crowded and claustrophobic a room will feel. Go for colors that are pale, neutral and bright and combine well the colors of your décor, fittings, walls and other home equipment to bring out a homely serene feeling. A home should not be a gloomy miserable place but a haven of peace and tranquillity.


It is sort of a trend nowadays to use bold colors to bring life to your home. A red or orange below on a pale couch or a luminous green rag on a pale floor can do wonders to your home. Also, a single brightly colored piece of furniture or a good antique can do justice to your home interior design.


Do not place a lot of items on your floor and avoid keeping it dirty to create a feeling of more space and tidiness. Choose carpets, rugs and tiles that complement your walls. Wooden floors are a good choice and there are other options from concrete, bamboo, tiled and wall to wall carpeting. Try again to harmonize your choice with your fittings and other furniture so that the feeling of comfort and tranquillity is well emphasized.


Perhaps this is the most important factor of all and where you should put all your energy. Dark rooms always give a feel of enclosed, small space and do not give us the right mood to work with and relax. Again, everyone is going green and so it is important to use as much natal light as possible as opposed to switching on your bulb all day and night. Use of natural light will save you a lot on power bills. Mirrors suggested earlier will also help reflect a lot of natural light.

So you now have the power to turn your small room into a cozy paradise for your taste and liking.