5 Best Awning Colors For Restaurants

Awnings are covering composed of a certain types of fabrics that are attached on the exterior wall of a building and extend over the terrace. It is commonly used in business enterprises such as restaurants, retail stores, bars and other commercial establishments. Awnings are used for the conspicuous, appealing and sophisticated look they provide to the outdoor signs of any enterprise. They are also very practical as they project from the exterior wall of the enterprise therefor providing clients with shelter during rainy and very hot seasons. Awnings are used by any form of business whether it a large, medium or just a retail store; you cannot fail to find one that suits your type of business. Awnings are mostly used in restaurants as restaurant’s customers seem to enjoy the fresh air while having their meals. Finding the right color for a restaurant is the problem. Choosing awning colors that are attractive, soothing, sophisticated and that give your restaurant its own identity is not easy and may require some guidance from professionals.

There are some factors that one should keep in mind before choosing the awning color for their restaurant these are:

• Restaurant theme

You should choose an awning color that matches and compliment the theme of your restaurant. If you do not do this, the colors of your awning may clash with the restaurant theme colors.

• Weather conditions

Areas with predominant hot weather conditions should choose bright colors that reflect the heat in order to give its customers with a conducive ambience.

• Visibility

A restaurant should choose a color that gives it an edge over its completion. The colors should be attractive and conspicuous so as to capture the eyes of potential clients.

• Your restaurant brand

Most restaurants are associated with certain food or beverage brands such as Pepsi. If you are thinking about giving your restaurant a brand image one should use awning colors that contain one or two colors of your brand.

The 5 Best Awning Colors for a Restaurant
1. Blue Stripe

This is a very commonly used awning color. It is bright, conspicuous and attractive to potential customers. Moreover blue stripe awning give a sky illusion to people underneath therefore providing a soothing and relaxing feel to your customers as they enjoy their meals. Blue stripe is a bright color and therefore can be used in areas with predominant hot weather conditions as bright colors reflect away heat leaving clients to enjoy a cool calm ambience underneath your awning. This feature could even encourage customers to even buy more from your restaurant in order to enjoy your shade for a little longer.

2. Evergreen & forest green

This is a traditional color and has been in use in households and restaurants for a very long time now. It is quite a popular color for awnings. This is because it gives a relaxing, cottage, traditional feel to your restaurant terrace. It is a neutral color and therefore does not attract a lot of heat and it is also a color that is appealing to all. It evergreen is a color I recommend to restaurant owners thinking of setting up an awning, especially those with restaurants in considerably cold areas.

3. Beige and cream

These are some of the colors that are considered to be urban and contemporary. They are best for evening restaurants as they reflect light back to the customers as they are eating. They also complement the restaurant lighting making the area look really appealing to passersby and very beautiful to the customers in the restaurant. These contemporary colors have even been said to give a restaurant an ambience of romance and passion. This is the way to go for evening restaurants looking to attract couples.

4. Red stripes

This is a common awning color, especially in fast food restaurants. It is a very attractive color and also quite conspicuous color therefore capturing the eyes of so many potential customers. As this color is quite common to fast food restaurants, passersby immediately think of fast foods on seeing red striped awnings. Thus this color of awnings is not only beautiful but is also a really significant form of advertisement.

5. Coffee stripes

This is a really good color for restaurant awnings as it provides really good shade while at the same time letting in some light through the white strips. This color combination prevents the awning from absorbing heat while at the same time from letting in too much light. There for this combination is best known for the environment it provides to its users. It may not seem attractive as it consists of a dull color but the white color is conspicuous and can still attract customers.

Awnings not only improve the appearance of your restaurant entrance but also have a lot of really practical benefits. Awnings give your restaurant terrace an attractive, appealing and sophisticated look. They also improve your use of space. Your terrace could also be part of your restaurant by the use of awnings. This enables your restaurant to accommodate so many more customers thus increasing your sales and profits. Awnings do not need the use of air conditioning, therefore saving on energy consumption. The restaurant only needs to provide air conditioning to the customers inside the restaurant building. Awnings with bright colors provide all the air conditioning needed. Awnings also provide your restaurant clients with protection from rain when they are coming out of their vehicles.

Awning color may seem like a minor issue as far as restaurants are concerned, but it is not. The color of the awning determines the number of customers you will receive. This is because conspicuous and attractive awnings play a very big role in attracting customers to your restaurant. Awning colors also determine the type of customers that will come to your restaurant. Some awning colors attract couples and sophisticated customers while others attract customers looking for fast food. Therefore, before choosing a color for your awnings, you should deeply consider its color. The above colors will ensure that you get the best for your restaurant since they are warm colors and very inviting for the visitors.