10 Intelligent Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

Whether you have moved into a new home or plan to change the look of the existing one there are some simple interior designs tips that you can follow, which will help give you your much-desired look that too in an intelligent and cost-effective way. Let us get to learn 10 such intelligent tips that you can follow right away to transform the look of your home.

1. Make smaller rooms feel larger by painting them in lighter, softer colors

A small room may feel cramped, but if you paint the walls in light colors and have large windows in the room, they will help make that space look much bigger. If, however, you get the room painted in dark colors then the room will appear smaller even if lots of natural light comes in and you have big windows.

2. Add instant light to your living room by using decorative mirrors

Mirrors also help make a small space look bigger. Furthermore, any room, large or small, if they have mirrors placed right across from the windows they will help add instant light even if there is just a little natural light coming in the room. You can also add decorative mirrors to fill empty spaces and add more dimension to your room.

3. A mix up of everything looks great

Who says you cannot combine your modern couch with your family heirlooms? The way you decorate your room speaks about your personality, your taste, so you have the liberty to do anything that you find pleasing. A piece of your grandfather’s furniture can well be placed in your room where you have the most stunning looking modern couch, and they will still look great together. Not only furniture, even as far as paintings are concerned, you can always place a really old painting that you may have inherited next to a modern painting that you just have purchased, that too in the same room.

4. Slip covers are wonderful

Many people do not like using slip covers but they are actually wonderful. You can use them to alter the look of your furniture as many times as you desire. Moreover, these easy to remove coverings also helps make sure that your precious furniture will stay well-protected and you do not have to worry about accidental spills or kids dirtying them.

5. Wicker baskets are cheap but stylish

Wicker baskets are a great and cheap way to make your room look good whilst also enjoying some storage space. You can use these baskets to display and store your books, magazines, towels, toys, blankets, and so much more. You can also keep some wicker baskets on your kitchen counter-tops to display your vegetables and fruits a neat and stylish way.

6. You already have lots that can be used to decorate

Most of us already have so many things that we may have picked from here and there and perhaps have forgotten about them. To design the interior of your home you can use the accessories you already have and need not necessarily run to the store. Take a proper look at what you already possess. Trays, be it the silver ones, or the wooden, metal, or acrylic ones can be placed on top of your trunks, tea carts, luggage racks, or coffee tables for some extra dimension and texture. You can keep some candles on them to make them look all the more attractive. Hanging plates on the wall is a great way to add some fun even to the dullest looking wall. Art from your children’s old books can be framed and hung in their bathrooms or bedrooms. There is so much that can be done using things you already have that you yourself are going to be surprised.

7. A hanging pot holder in your kitchen

While planning the interior design of your home, you certainly cannot avoid your kitchen. Kitchens need to look inviting and warm. So much time is spent in the kitchen while we prepare meals, serve them, or even for a chit chat over a cup of coffee, thus this area does deserve attention. A hanging pot rack is a great way to add some elegance to your kitchen. It will not only make your kitchen look great but will prove to be all the more functional.

8. Add some greens

Plants have the power to make your home look great and that too in such a cost-effective way. You can add plants to any room, your living space, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, just everywhere. Plants look beautiful and furthermore they can help balance humidity and clean your household air. Every home should consider placing at least a few plants and enjoy the benefits.

9. Wallpaper or paint the bookcases

By adding wallpaper or painting your bookcases the entire room will instantly look re-energized. You can choose any paint or any wallpaper that you find attractive, though the brighter ones are the best choice. This is also an inexpensive and simple way to transform even the most boring space into something so attractive. Other places where you can paint are inside of closets, fireplace mantels, ceilings, and hallways.

10. Soften hardwood floors using area rugs

Throw rugs add warmth, color, personality and texture to your living area. Though hardwood floors are easy to maintain and look great but the comfort that carpeted floors is just great. There are so many types of rugs available and you can use many different fabrics and patterns in different colors to create a wonderful look. You may even use rugs of different patterns and fabric but the same color. Possibilities are just endless. You may also change your rugs once in a while to get a fresh look. Not only living rooms, rugs can also be placed in your bedrooms to achieve a fresh look. In fact, you will be amazed to see how the addition of rugs alone can transform the look of each of your rooms in such different ways.

Just follow these simple yet clever interior design tips and you easily will be able to transform the look of your home in a beautiful way, that too without having to spend too much.