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Tips On Choosing Theme For Your New Home Design

Interior is an important part to making any house a home. Often, these nondescript entryways can transform the ambiance of an entire room and give it a touch of class or playfulness, depending on the theme it creates. With that in mind, how do you pick doors for your home? Should the front door be of different design or material than interior doors? Should they match floors? To help you pick each door in your house, read on and learn some door tricks to turn it into a home.

Home Design Themes

Know your options

Although wood doors give you the most classic look, they're not your only option. Steel doors offer maximum energy-efficiency with its foam core insulation and weather-stripping. Fiberglass doors are another energy-efficient option you may want to consider.

Each door serves a purpose

Exterior entry doors, especially your front and back doors have to be thicker and stronger than any interior door. You want exterior entry doors to serve the dual purpose of security and aesthetics. You also want them sturdy enough to withstand battering from nature. Interior doors work more for privacy and space definition purposes.

Steel edging offers better quality and security than wood edging. Steel edging withstands weather conditions better than wood edging. It also won't be easy to chip it off away.

Consider security and strength of doors

It's best to buy standard-sized paneled doors with pre-drilled doorknobs and lock sets. This is especially encouraged with exterior entry doors. Drilling a doorknob hole in a wooden door in the wrong place can significantly reduce its strength. The positioning of a lock in a steel door with glass accents can define the level of security it provides.

On Aesthetics and Security Trade-offs

Doors are mainly security features of any building, including your home. No matter how artistic you'd like the overall look and feel to be, maximum security should be your controlling characteristic in deciding which door to buy and install at specific places in your home, and which accents to install it with.

Glass is the most common decorative door accent as it's available

Glass accents could be one large light or it can come with grills separating the huge plane of glass into several lights. In-glass blinds are interesting features some might like to put on interior doors. The blinds built inside the glass pane provide a more aesthetic touch than a peephole's purely practical use.

Home Design Themes

Remember to install deadbolts on all exterior entry doors

As a primary anti-burglary feature, deadbolts add value to your home and would give you significant discount point benefits from your homeowner's insurance rates. Just make sure your doors fit smugly into your door frames and locks are fitted perfectly. If you've got sliding or French patio doors, there are specialty locks made specifically for these door types. Often, consulting with your door manufacturer for compatible doorknobs and lock sets could give you a range of choices for maximum security benefits.

In interior decorating, window treatments generally come in two varieties, soft and hard, based on the texture of the used material in the decoration. Treatments may consist of curtains or drapery including sheers, window blinds including Venetian blinds and plantation shutters, a valance, tiebacks used to hold curtains, paper or cloth screens on a solid frame, and shades such as Roman shades, pleated fabric shades, or roller shades. Treatments may also include treatment applied directly to glass.

Here are a few tips for window treatments:

Be sure to use some form of a treatment, however minimal. It softens the room's architecture, and adds privacy, drama, and color.

• Try some various shades, if drapes are too bold, which add wonderful visual texture and maintain a clean look.

• Another way to add decorative treatments to windows without the sense of heavy drapes is to use sheers and valances.

• Glass block can be used, which allows light without the ability to see in, not even silhouettes.

• To avoid a sense of vulnerability when looking out of black holes at night, window treatments help. Even a sheer helps alleviate this feeling.

• Comb through your home and get rid of anything that is of no use. Sell or give it away. This includes large furniture and useless non sentimental knickknacks.

• Store all your seasonal gear in secure boxes out of site. You don't need winter jackets clogging up your hallway in the summer!

• Consider getting smaller furniture to replace the big stuff.

• Remember the times and keep things modern. 1970's design feels dusty and old so you may want to get rid of all old items.

• Consider putting carpet into rooms you relax in. It makes things feel much snugger and homely but can still be clean and modern. Make sure light spreads to all corners of your home, especially the kitchen. Install more energy efficient lighting if needs be.

Home Design Themes

• Keep the bathroom as simple as humanly possible. This will help you keep it germ and dirt free. Consider adding fixtures to your home to add nice details, such as modern fireplaces and modern racks to hang kitchen utensils.

The contrary of traditional theme is contemporary theme. This theme is best choice for people who are adventurous. It is reflected by the using of silvers, reds, whites, blacks and grays color. Those colors show passions and new spirit. It will be better to use metal art or modern furniture since it characterized clean and modern. But you also can install coat hooks made from metal to add good impression for your home. Therefore you will not see floral pattern in this theme.

Then, if you think that those three themes above are not suitable with your taste you can choose tribal theme. This theme delivers ethnic look in your home. Some accessories made from wood and natural ornaments are the best choice to emphasize of ethnic look. Do not use metal art materials in your home because it is contradicted with the theme. You can paint your home by using browns, yellows, greens and deep reds to reflect the ethnic look.

Decorating your home need not be expensive and you should not doubt your ability for art and flair! You can have fun and save a lot of money at the same time. No real training is needed; just some common sense and you won't need to hire a pro to come to your home.

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