Mistakes To Avoid For HDB Interior Design

With more than 80% of Singapore’s population living in HDB flats and 95% percent of them owning these flats, HDB flats are the most popular housing. Most Singapore HDB flat owners often do renovations to their homes to improve their look and also increase their value. However most of them are prone to making mistakes which can be quite costly. Some of the mistakes to avoid are as follows.

The Use of Cheap Materials

Quality when it comes to your choice of material is very important if you want to improve your HDB flat’s interior design when doing renovations. With the Singapore weather being mostly humid, having materials that will not be susceptible to moisture or heat effects is advisable. Most home owners are keen on saving costs and end up buying low quality materials for renovations. Getting good quality materials for the job will ensure that you don’t keep doing multiple repairs to parts of the HDB flat. Don’t take the risk, simply choose high quality materials.

Not getting The Required Permits

In Singapore for one to carry out any extensive renovations they have to get a permit. It doesn’t matter if they are doing their renovations by themselves or are hiring a contractor to carry out the repairs. Failure to get a renovation permit might result to not getting the necessary approvals. Checking the HDB rules before carrying out any extensive renovations will save you a lot of trouble with the law.

Lack of Proper Preparation

It is important to note that behind every successful design project, there has to be a proper plan, HDB interior design renovation will require hours of proper planning, selection of the appropriate building materials and choosing the most competent construction professionals. While you can’t wait to begin your HDB flat renovations, taking your time to plan the whole project will save you a lot of costly mistakes that might result to unwanted delays. Even if you are doing the renovations yourself without a contractor take precious time to plan and you will avoid major pitfalls.

Stripping Everything Down

This is one major mistake that many HDB homeowners make, they are so eager to give their interior space that new look that they blindly strip everything out and end up spending more on materials and a lot of unnecessary time in renovations. Do proper evaluations and ensure that you understand the end result before you begin. Start with a plan and mark everything that needs stripping and anything that should stay as it is. This way you will have a proper working guide to ensure that your renovation project goes smoothly. Make small renovation steps at a time and you will achieve more.

Hiring Cheap Labor

It is understandable that you want to save on costs but when it comes to renovations hiring the best is advisable. You don’t want to end up with a shoddy job that will make you cringe every time you look at it. Hire a contractor that is good at his work and will carry out your interior design wishes. Forget unlicensed contractors and avoid problems that will cost you more money than what you are trying to save.

Complicated Designs

Yes you want that intricate design in your HDB flat that will leave your guests wowed but remember that simplicity is usually easier. Going for that complicated design might give you a lot of problems especially when it turns out toot tacky, overdone or entirely different. Stick to the simple interior designs in order to make your home more inviting and appealing to anyone entering it.

Wrong Choice of Colors

If you are not sure of the colors you want for your interior HDB flat, seek a second opinion or a professionals advice. There are many interior home designers in Singapore who would be willing to avail their services at a reasonable fee.

Not Having Insurance

Carrying out renovations in your HDB flat without insurance spells disaster. Accidents are prone to happen and having insurance will ensure that you are well protected in case an accident occurs. Being liable for an accident occurring during your building project is a costly affair that you would no doubt want to avoid.