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Can I Install A Camera In HDB Corridor?

Is there need for a camera in a HDB corridor? There is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying as owning a home and installing a camera in a HDB corridor. There are several reasons as to why you should install your corridor with a camera. Many people in Singapore may find it weird and wonder why they should have a camera on their HBD corridor. It is very simple. You need cameras for your own safety and security reasons. For instance, the camera will enable you to monitor and have a total control over your corridor and entire house. The following are some of the other reasons why it is significant to place a camera on your corridor:


1.It gives and assures you of the absolute security.

By installing a camera on your corridor, you are assured of having a surveillance that will enable you to monitor and manage the security of your home. The camera will help you n capturing all the activities that are going on around your compound and thus giving you an opportunity to sleep knowing that the guarantee of your home is guaranteed. You can easily trace all the activities and potential criminals that may try to break into your house at night when you are a sleep.

2.They also allow you in giving your home a visual protection in your corridor HDB.

By installing a camera, you will be able to prevent thieves from breaking into your house. This is because thieves tend to fear homes with cameras thus they will not easily break into your home. Having a camera in your corridor is a hundred times better than having security guards and padlocks. This means that it is wise and much better to have a reliable security system than having so many useless guards who can easily sleep while on duty.

3.It is relatively cheap as compared with human guards.

Installing cameras on your HDB corridors is very cheap and convenient. Contrary to employing security guards, you can only install cameras once and you are done but security guards needs to pay on a monthly, weekly or daily basis thus very expensive. This means that you can only place your cameras on strategic ends within your corridors and you are done so long as they are installed by a good and a trusted supplier who will assure you with the best cameras that will satisfy the needs of your home.


4.Cameras are also more accurate than guards and padlocks.

Cameras will definitely give you the most reliable updates about what is going on within your compound while you are away. They can actually capture all the details and images within their proximity. They are always reliable and can be a good source of utter and clear evidence. So long as they are not interrupted, they can actually give the exact details of what transpired while you were away. This means that the cameras capture the unravelling of events exactly how they exactly unfolded.

5.They help in keeping a vigil eye on your compound
Installing cameras on your HDB corridor will also help you in keep a vigil eye on your entire house or premises. It serves as a watchdog for both your security staff as well as your entire compound. The cameras will give you information on how your security personnel conduct their business. Apart from giving security, it also an important and essential tool for assessment and supervision. They are just fine for your convenience and needs.

6.It is also simple to install and use.

Cameras are very effective and easy to use. There are no complications involved in installing these security devices. In addition, these security tools are very easy to maintain. So long as they are no interfered in any way, it is very simple and can stay for so many years. Once they are installed by the best installation company, they can capture as many images as possible. There are no complexities involved in both installation and management. They are actually the best and most essential security devices that most Singaporeans should have in their HDB corridors.

CCTV Corridor

7.They ensure safety of your compound.

Whether you are physically present or not, these cameras will, always help you to remotely control the security checks within your compound. They serve as a permanent representation of real you since you can monitor and carry out a surveillance of your compound at the comfort of your bed or even at the work place. Having known the need of installing security cameras on your HDB corridor, it is also vital to know some of the basic tips for successfully installing these important cameras in your HDB corridor. The following are some of the basic tips to consider when installing cameras on your corridor;

Determine the reputation of your supplier.

It is always good to good for suppliers with good market and installation reputation. This is because some bogus suppliers may install ineffective or even faulty cameras that may not give the required security surveillance. It is prudent to inquire if your supplier is licensed and have the basic required competencies and knowledge in installing cameras.

The cost of installation.

It is also imperative to carry out a comprehensive cost and benefit analysis before embarking on your installation. The cost should be affordable and must match with the needs of your corridor and entire compound. It is good to go for cameras that are affordable yet very effective.

Go for professional advice.

In order to place your cameras on the most strategic points in your corridor, it is good to go for a professional advice that have a long standing experience and knowledge in installing cameras on corridors. This would enable you to have functional cameras that are effective and thus serving your desired needs. Go for a professional or rather a company that offers best services at relatively affordable prices and guarantees you good services ever. Doing this will help you to cut down your cost and thus saving some extra cash for doing other important things.

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