Ceiling Fan VS Wall Fan

The hot afternoons in the Singapore can be unbearable. Fans are commonly used in Singapore to maintain optimal working environment at home or the workplace. But with so many fan models and makes, choosing the right fan for your home or office can be a daunting task. The major two types of fans used are the ceiling fans and the wall fans. Probably, you may have encountered some difficulties in choosing the right fan for you. Because there are several factors that you should consider when purchasing fan for your home or office, the write-up will explore the pros and cons of each unit and also guide on the factors that you should consider when purchasing fan.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling and extend downwards to circulate cold air in the room. The ceiling fans are popular among many homeowners and also in commercial premises because they are easy to install and also less expensive when compared air conditioning. As the names suggest, the ceiling fans are mounted in the ceiling. They provide the best way to cool air in spacious rooms such as large office. Because the cold air falls to the floor; the unit provides outstanding coverage and ensures the optimal room temperature is maintained throughout the day. The ceiling fans are very powerful enough to cover large room. If you are looking for the best air conditioning unit to install in a large office such as staffroom, ceiling fans is undoubtedly the best unit for you. The unit can also save on office space because it is mounted on ceiling. Some of the best places to install ceiling fans include.

Large offices such as staffroom

An office is a place where ideal environment should be maintained for your workers to remain productive. When installed in large offices, ceiling fans can save on the energy bills because they effectively cool the large area.


Because of fast heat build-up, ceiling fans are the ideal fans for kitchen. Ceiling fans will effectively cool the kitchen as you cook without heat build-up.

Family and living room

Because you spend a lot of time in either living room or family room, and also the fact that there are usually many people in this room, you need a fan that will rapidly cool the room. If you have many people in a single room, ceiling fans are the ideal fans for that room.


Because the ceiling fan does not make noise, they are ideal for the living room. They will circulate effectively giving you a nice and comfortable sleep.

Game room

Another place that you can install the ceiling fan is the game room. As you exercise, you body rises and thus you need a cool air that will keep you motivated. Ceiling fan air flow will make you take more workouts even during the hot afternoons in Singapore.

Apart from distributing air evenly, a ceiling fan enables users to control the direction of the air. This can really keep your office or room environment at the ideal comfort level. In addition, ceiling can boost the aesthetic value of your room- it is currently among the most preferred office unit for maintaining the ideal temperature. They come in different styles, sizes, features, and materials. You will get the ceiling fan that best suits your cooling need and design hassle free.

Another advantage of installing the ceiling fan is that they are reliable. When properly maintained, ceiling fan will work for years without any failure.

Ceiling fan is cost effective

Compared to the wall fan and air conditioning units, ceiling fans are inexpensive. With the improvement in blade design, motors, control and reduced weight, ceiling fans are more efficient, and the running cost is considerably lower. For some few cents in a day, you can keep your room or office cool throughout the day. With the ceiling fan, you can save up to 25% on air conditioning cost. The amount you can save will also depend on various factors such as the number of fans, placement of the fans, size of the room, insulation and many other factors. The amount will also depend on how well the fan has been installed. Thus, it is very important to look for a professional service provider to install and also maintain the ceiling fan.

Wall fans

Wall fans are also popular among homeowners with small rooms. The wall fans are mounted on the wall. Usually, the blades are enclosed in a cage to prevent injury. They are usually mounted on the wall at an eye level. Wall fans are designed to pass air from one corner of the room to the other.

The advantage of the wall fan is that they are easy to control. You can place the unit on the table or floor to effectively cool the room. You can also easily control the range of motions and speed of the unit. The unit is quite cheap compared to the ceiling fans. In addition, wall fans are easy to install and also tend to be more energy efficient. The wall fan is ideal for small offices with high heat loads. They are also effective when properly installed. However, when compared to ceiling fans, wall mounted fans are less efficient.

Each unit has its advantages and shortcoming. To ensure you get the best air conditioning unit, you should seek for a professional to inspect your room and advice on the best fans that will perfectly cater your cooling needs. If you choose wrong fan, you are likely to face other problems such as inflated utility bills; the equipment will not effectively cool your room and many other problems including high maintenance costs. To avoid such problems, it is very important to have a professional air conditioning service provider to inspect and advise you on the unit that will cater for your needs. Keep in mind that all rooms are not the same; the unit that may perfectly work in one office may not work in the other office.