7 Things To Take Note Before Signing An Interior Design Contract

Our homes are usually the last bastion for most of us. We want to feel at ease, be ourselves , get away from all the hustle and bustle of the exterior world; thus the term “to feel at home”. It is the ultimate restful place we all yearn to go to. For these reasons many people spend a substantial amount of money seeking the help of professional organizations like an interior design company; to provide them with that style, that extra edge that will make them feel unique, special and appreciated.

When engaging such professionals; just like in any other business transaction of this nature there are contracts that are signed. Due to the highly personalised nature of interior design and in order to avoid problems in the future there are several factors that you need to consider before signing the dotted line, namely;

Qualification and Experience

It does take several years to get certification in interior design in Singapore. Feel free to ask about qualification levels of the designers; seek to see proof if need be. Get to know who will handle your project and enquire about the number of years they have been in the trade of interior design. You don’t want to be their first client.

Enquire About their Registration and Licensing

Ensure you are signing a contract with an organization that is fully licensed and registered with the Singapore government. Most reputable organizations will also strive to align themselves or seek membership with professional bodies. Ask if that is the case with your interior design company.

Check their Portfolio

There is nothing more convincing than pictures. As they say a, picture says a million words. Go through the company’s portfolio to see the kind of work they have done over the years. Read customer testimonials or visit some of the places they have done interior design on before. Talk to some of their previous clients and get a feel of how timely and customer centric they are.

Check the interior design of the office

Charity begins at home. This English saying rings very true in the interior design fraternity. Check how the company has designed its own office. Is it up to standard? Are they as detailed? If the office is shabbily done; chances are your home will be poorly done too. The converse holds true.

Ask for time to go through the contract

Seek for more time to go through the interior design contract and read through the finer print. Go with it at home and maybe even have an attorney go through it if you are in doubt. Never sign a legal, binding document under duress or in a hurry. Take your time.

Check the cost

Seek quotes from other companies and compare the prices. The same interior design requirements should not vary so much in cost. If they are either too high or too low; think twice, something may just not be right.
Enquire about customer care and after sale service

Once in a while you may require some assistance with a service that has been provided. Some things may fall off, some stuff may start to fade; basically there are things that may need to be fixed professionally. Enquire if they offer such services or not