5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For Home

5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For Home – As we all know, Rome was quite popular for its architecture and beautiful interior designs. Though inspired by the ancient civilization, the Roman-style interior design continued to have a great impact or influence even in the modern age.

So, the Roman home design has been there for centuries now and it has influenced some modern décor styles throughout the years. Roman-inspired interior décor has become quite popular in Singapore too in the last few years.

If you want to redesign your home with Roman-inspired interior décor or want to build your house in that theme, then you are at the right place. There are a lot of important characteristics that you have to keep in mind when creating the Roman-inspired interior décor.

Here, we will discuss the 5 tips on roman interior design for home. Read on!

Tips for creating a Roman home design

Here are some of the best tips that you can keep in mind when you are decorating or redecorating your house inspired by the Roman interior decors:

Tip #1: Stucco Walls & High Ceilings

5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For Home

As we all know the two-man things about a house are its walls and ceiling. It creates the main structure of your house. So, you need to focus on them before you can dive into detailed interior designing. So, what do the Roman-inspired walls and ceilings look like?

One of the most unique characteristics of the Roman interior décor is that they have large-sized buildings where the ceilings are quite high and the rooms are very spacious. If you want to imitate the true style of the Roman interior, then you need to give attention to the dimension of your house.

It must have high ceilings and large rooms. This way it can create an illusion of a spacious interior. Also, you have to focus on the type of walls for your house. Another main characteristic of the Roman interior is that they have stucco walls.

If you want to create a Roman-inspired interior for your house, stucco walls can be the perfect option. The stucco finish looks quite elegant and it can give a much antique Roman feel to your house’s interior.

Tip #2: Bright Colored Accent Walls

The next part of the interior design is the color of the wall. While it is believed that neutral colors like white and beige are predominately used for the ancient Roman interior decors, it has been proved otherwise too.

There is no denying that Romans used value-neutral and natural colors a lot. But after Pompeii excavation, it has been revealed that ancient Roman houses used bright colors too, especially for accentuating a particular area of the wall or a wall of the house.

Some of the popular bold colors of ancient Roman home design are – bright yellow, gold, red, and cobalt blue.

So, you can take inspiration from their ancient designs and create a beautiful interior design for your house. Even if you use beige and white for the walls and ceilings, you can use bold colors to accent a certain part of the walls.

You can also paint a wall of the room in some bold colors and the rest of the three walls with neutral tones. You can even use bold colors for creating some patterns or images at the focal point.

Tip #3: Inclusion of Mosaic Effects

Talking about colors, Romans love experimenting with it a lot once they have learned the beauty and value of bright colors.

The best way to include colors to you’re the interior décor of your house is by using mosaics where pieces of colored glasses are pieced together to produce beautiful designs and effects. This mosaic can create a bright jewel effect that can look really amazing and spectacular.

You can add a mosaic effect in your kitchen or bathroom. Though Romans used to fill up an entire wall of their house with beautiful mosaic works, modern-day houses don’t really use that style.

So, if you want to include a bit of mosaic effect but don’t want to cover an entire wall, then you have to accent particular corners or spaces.

The best place to use this is in the kitchen just between the wall cabinet and kitchen countertop. It will give a Roman-inspired touch to your kitchen while making it look bright and beautiful.

Tip #4: Include Arches, Statues & Pedestals

5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For Home

The arches, statues, and pedestals are the three most important characteristics or aspects of Roman home design. Hence you need to add all these or at least one of these in the interior design of your home. Ancient Rome was known for its architectural beauty and significant arches.

You can include an arch or two between the spaces for creating that ancient Roman interior design. Along with that, you can include some statues or sculptures to accentuate the overall Roman design. It can be a wonderful addition to the interior.

Pedestals are also a part of the Roman interior design which you can include in the sink of your bathroom or the accessory tables. You must have noticed how a singular column can hold the table or the basin in the ancient houses of Rome.

Tip #5: Minimal Yet Beautiful Furniture

If you closely look at the ancient Roman interior designs, you will notice that they never had too many furniture pieces. The ancient Roman houses used to be sparsely furnished as they preferred open spaces.

So, if you want to make your home inspired by Roman interior designs, then you have to make sure that you are not using a lot of furniture pieces.

But you have to use the Roman-inspired furniture pieces with beautifully curved legs. They look classical yet very beautiful and sophisticated in nature.

The best furniture pieces that you can include to accentuate your Roman-inspired interior are backless sofas and backless chairs with very few tables. You can also add some footstools to keep the interior cozy and comfortable.

5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For HomeConclusion:

5 Tips On Roman Interior Design For Home

These are the 5 most important tips that you have to keep in mind regarding the Roman home design. You can incorporate these ideas while you are designing or renovating your house into a beautiful ancient Roman-inspired house.

It can be a good change from the modern interior designs that we normally see in Singapore.

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